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Semper Fi? [29 Jan 2008|04:15am]
Soo, took my ASVAB practice test today for the Marine Corps. Qualified for 95% of the jobs in the Corps. Would have done better if I had studied, though. Just got a little stumped on the algebra/math and stuff. xD Got the real test on Monday, though.. gives me a bit of time to study and etc.

So yeah, decided that I'm probably enlisting. Went into the recruiter with a friend today.. was originally going to look more into the Air Force, but apparently they don't have a recruiter in the area anymore. So, we talked with the Marine recruiter and we were there for three hours or so. Guy was pretty cool.. actually only a year older than us. He was a Corporal at age 19 and led twelve soldiers.. found that pretty crazy. But yeah, not sure what I'll do if I do join.. I'm definitely going to go for an officer, though. Going to take classes and such while I'm in. I can still be a pilot, too.. so yeah, that interests me. But right now I just want to get the test out of the way and look into everything else. Kinda might suck to be an officer though, I mean.. it'd be better.. but I don't see myself commanding others, y'know? xD They start you off with a fire team (you and three people), but still.. I dunno.

It's just.. I want to do something, y'know? I know later in life I'll look back and regret never joining. And no, I don't believe in the war over in Iraq.. frankly, I may choose something that doesn't involve fighting, something simple. But still, getting through boot camp would show me that I can overcome a tough challenge. I just want to prove to myself that I can do it. ;/

The video about boot camp was kinda funny. xD Right when the bus arrived the drill instructor got on and was like "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING ON MY BUS, GET THE FUCK OFF". xD I dunno. I could take that, but I worry more about small things like.. WHAT THE FUCK WILL I DO IF I HAVE TO TAKE A CRAP WHILE WE'RE OUTSIDE ON A COURSE? Haha. Ah well.. Sark and I are both going to think it over. He wants to finish his classes first, which are almost done.. and I gotta get this all medical ordeal done and over with.. so we'll see.

Who knows what'll happen though. One thing that's cool is I may be able to get stationed in Japan, which would be awesome. ;o He said that it's not always 100% chance you get to pick where you go, but you have a better chance on getting to where you want than not getting to. Heheh..
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[19 Jan 2008|04:54am]
Been awhile.. Letting you all I'm not dead. And I've missed my friends on here. ;[ It's just.. FurAffinity takes up my time, and livejournal is so slow for me on my dial up.

Things have been.. okay I guess. Not really good, actually. Mostly because of all the medical shit I've gone through in the past few months.. I mean, wow.. you have no idea. I've never had trouble with medical-related visits but just.. ugh.. I can see why America is complaining. They've been mostly been trying to figure out why I get severe headaches, mostly behind my left eye, almost every night.. sometimes during the day. Actually, they haven't tried a whole lot.. mostly just thrown me some painkillers and got me out of their way. ;/

Had a scare for a bit when they let me know it could be something serious.. even terminal.. like a brain tumor or cancer. That had me down for awhile.. but I got the CAT scan and they apparently didn't find anything. So, I think I'm safe there.. unless it's something small that they'd need an MRI to pick up. Not to mention I've seen a neurologist and such.. he said it didn't seem to be the nerves. I don't really get how he could determine that from making me watch his finger back and forth and then having me squeeze his fingers? Heh. It honestly feels like the muscle. But yeah, besides all the medical bullshit.. debt has crept up again and that's causing a lot of problems. I even got to get my wisdom teeth taken out in a few weeks. ;/

Other than that, nothing really exciting has been going on. I've improved a LOT art wise, though the last few weeks I've been kinda slumped. Mostly I really just need to learn how to shade.. I don't even know where to begin. But yeah, I've been sticking to art and FurAffinity mostly. We've almost hit the top 900 websites in the US.. really makes me happy. ;] I'm really glad to be part of the admin team and being able to help the site out. I think overall we're in the top 2,500 sites in the world? I think we've probably moved up since last time I checked, though.

Guess I'm not moving down to Georgia, as my friend eh.. backed out. I might still be moving down to North Carolina, or I've also got another option in the California area. Dunno though.. I've never really been to that side of the states, besides Arizona. xD

Got another cat now.. so Emily isn't lonely anymore. xD Though Emily doesn't really like the new cat that much. The new cat, Charlie, is uh.. interesting? He's a pretty vocal cat, kinda big too.. not necessarily fat, just.. he's big. Kinda weird how I found him. Months and months ago he was hanging around our house and the woods. I started putting cat food out in the garage, and he just kinda ended up living out there. xD He was pretty smart, did just fine out in the wild.. but as it started getting colder, I started letting him inside a bit. Finally, it just got too cold and well, he lives in the house now. xD After being washed up and all that jazz, of course. But yeah, he's cute. He talks to himself.. he just kinda chirps, meows and whines while he's doing whatever. xD

Emily's been friendlier.. which is.. mostly good. Except, she found out she can push my bedroom door open because it doesn't latch properly. She likes to wake me up three or four times a night by jumping on me and rubbing against my face to get pets. xD I hate it.. I can't throw her off me cause I like her being loving, but at the same time.. I want my sleep! Haha.

Well, nothing really has been going on besides that. Still trying to figure out what I'm going to do. I'm considering enlisting in the Air Force.. think it might be my only option right now. ;[ Guess I'll find out in a month or two, though.
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[09 Nov 2007|11:15pm]
Lol, funny thing happened when I went to pick up my last paycheck from Red Lobster (yeah, I quit.. :( will explain why in a minute).

One of three managers, one I got along with pretty well (and she's pretty attractive, too! AND shorter than me! >D) was joking with me, saying she was mad at me and so forth. Well, I explained why I quit.. and suddenly she just hands me her number. I was like.. "What's this?" She just says "Well, now that you're not my employee.. I can go out with you sometime." I was just thinking UHHSCORE.. I told her "Well, uh.. I'm glad I quit then!" >D She's a nice person.. but damn, I thought -I- was sarcastic.. she outdid me all the time at work! Haha. She's cool, though.. I feel bad for her cause I think she's stressed all the time. :(

Well, anyway.. I quit early this week. I loved my coworkers, and I liked the job but.. it was really, REALLY stressful. Not the reason I quit, though. I quit because I only got 1-3 hours a day. Honestly, I was just making enough money to pay for my gas and back. ;/ I got some pretty good tips, and a lot of people really liked me.. even had a few who were gonna come back and ask for me (and had a few that did >D). I was a good server, honestly.. but yeah, shitty pay and I mean.. I dunno. There was SO much more to it then I had expected. But biggest reason I quit was because of the hours.. it was a waste of gas. ;/

I honestly only had like two bad customers while I was working there. One was a redneck couple who came in, kinda shitty mood and stuff. I was really nice, did my best to keep them happy or at least get them in a better mood.. but they just were in a bad mood the whole time. Got up and left me 0 tip. >/ I wanted to follow them out to the parking lot to see what they had in their wallet! Hahaha. >D Not really, but.. that pissed me off. The other time was this one lady and her kid, and wow this lazy was a bitch. First off, I could tell she was going to be shitty cause she lied to me. She was complaining about some sampler, and saying she just "had it a few weeks ago". Well, that was bullshit.. because the one she wanted had been off the menu for an entire year! Well, finally she ordered. She ordered for her son.. getting him a salad, a baked potato.. and she specified to "PUT SHRIMP ON THE SALAD". Okay, well.. if you've ever been to Red Lobster, I'm sure you've seen we can add the petite shrimp to the salad. So, that's what I do of course.. I mean, there's no other shrimp you put on the salad.. right? I hand them their food, and walk off.. come back a minute later to see her getting pissy with one of the hosts. I walk over there and she just explodes on me, asking where the shrimp was. Well, I told her she wanted shrimp on the salad.. and she's like "NO I ORDERED FRIED SHRIMP FOR HIM" and etc etc. She just flipped out. Frankly, we just thought she was trying to get a free meal, cause she had been bitchy since the beginning. I walked off, and one of the other servers walked over to her and told her that she didn't need to talk to me that way.. which really surprised me. But eh, the worse part was that the main manager, who's a complete dick.. was bitching me out. I told him they had ordered shrimp ON THE SALAD, and that she was in a bad mood when she came in.. and I told him that she first lied to me about the sampler she wanted that had been off the menu for a year. I was just like, "She just came in in a bad mood." And he got smart with me and said "No, she was perfectly fine until you ruined her mood." Just, ugh.. that pissed me off. Apparently none of the other maanagers like him.. they told a few of us to tell him if that ever happened again, to not treat us like a child.. because apparently he's gotten really shitty with servers before. Ugh, that just pissed me off. But I sucked up to the lady, as much as I hated it.. and managed to at least get SOME of a tip.. but ugh.. I swear, people are stupid.

Anyway, I put in a bunch of applications.. even at like, Wal Mart. I might have a job doing computer related jobs at US Can.. and they'll start me off at $15 an hour.. WHICH WOULD BE NICE BUT HEY WE'LL SEE. I won't put all my balls in that basket, but that'd be awesome..

Been doing lots of art, so that's good.. Gave out some freebees recently and mostly got all of those done. Waiting on a lot of art for me though at the moment.. I'm exciiiteeeed. ;B Heheh.
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[ mood | good ]

So things have been pretty good, actually.

Yesterday I started the job without having a trainer there to help me. I was supposed to start a few weeks ago, but there was a mixup and I had to wait to finish one day of training last Monday, and today was my second day without having a trainer. ;B I've been doing pretty good I think, it's.. a really crazy job, though. Being a server is tough.. I only have two tables at the moment, and I'm ALWAYS doing something.. I don't even have time to piss. >D I have NO idea how I'm going to fit in a third table in. I've actually only gotten three tables both days I've worked.. only was there for a couple of hours.. but I got pretty good tips, only one kinda crappy tip which was like.. 2 dollars from one person. Lol. But once it gets busy, which will probably be Friday.. I'm sure it'll improve. >D I only had one day off this week.. but I need the money. And lol, all my coworkers are REALLY nice.. haha, weirdly enough I'm friends with mostly girls, and most of the guys. >D One of the guys is hilarious, he was having a bad day today.. was hungover, spilt five drinks on himself today, and the manager was picking on him all day. We ran out of biscuits and he yells in the kitchen "WHO DO I HAVE TO BUTTFUCK TO GET SOME BISCUITS AROUND HERE?" Haha.

Been improving artwise, been drawing a good amount and that makes me happy. ;B It's a really good feeling when I finish a picture.. Haha..

Got up to level 42 in Team Slayer on Halo 3 the other day. o.O And I haven't even played that much.. haha. Been having no trouble leveling up, and frankly I think it's only a matter of time til I'm 45+. Only thing that bugs me is the glitchy leveling system. I was a 34 one night, we played 17 games.. only lost once, and I went up only 6 levels. Here's the thing that bothered me thhough, I got stuck at 38.. won FIVE GAMES IN A ROW, haha.. I went positive every time, usually first place on my team.. and didn't level up. Lost once, and even went positive in the game.. and I deleveled.. lol. Oye.. that doesn't make any sense. But oh well, it's been fun.. I don't feel as competitive on Halo 3.. it's more.. relaxed? I dunno..

That's it for now.. moar soon, hopefully. I'll try to start using LJ more.. but ugh fucking dial up. >(

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[25 Sep 2007|10:12pm]
So yeah, managed to pick up the Halo 3 Legendary edition last night. <3 Managed to scrape up enough money to pay the rest off that I owed. It was a pretty fun time. :D They blocked off most of the parking lot (using Nate's car, and my car >D).. they even had a DJ, and a papa john's stand with cheap pizza. ;b There was probably 100+ people there. I entered the Halo 2 tournament and got to the semi finals but ehh.. it was like, really hard to play on their HDTV since it lagged. ;/ Everyone was complaining about it, but oh well.. I didn't really care.. it was just something to do while we waited for the game. >D

But yeah, enjoying the game so far.. on the last level at the moment, playing it on Heroic. I won't give any spoilers, though I'll probably make a journal post soon with an LJ cut. Expect to see me playing it on Live too.. so hit me up under the gamertag "Kyoujiin" with two i's. :)

Bah damnit now I'm never gonna get these art trades done. >D

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[24 Sep 2007|06:30am]
[ mood | excited ]

Less than 24 hours.. ;O Crazy. The excitement is finally starting to hit me.

Got to look through a lot of the achievements (someone we know had it already somehow >D) today, plus I found out about a very small bit of the ending. :( Not gonna spoil anything, don't worry.. The part I heard about was the part that I bet with my friend would happen, and I guessed right. >D All I'm gonna say.

But yeah, can't wait.. going to a Halo 2 tournament today before the release, then getting it at midnight. ;o I'm so gonna cry. >D

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[21 Sep 2007|04:20am]
In four days until the world stands still.. in front of their TVs. >(

I bet there's gonna be a lot of people calling in when Halo 3 comes out. >D GLAD I HAVEN'T STARTED THE JOB YET.. but I don't have moneys to buy it. >D

Here's hoping to it was all worth the wait. ;o
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[19 Sep 2007|01:20am]
[ mood | okay ]

IMPORTANT. Does anyone have room at MFF for myself and a buddy of mine? We were just gonna get a room but they're full up. :( Would like to know ASAP, so if you got room for two people, lemme know. <3 If not, I guess we'll get a room at the hotel nearby.. if they're not full as well. >D

Not much new. Got a job at Red Lobster as a server/bartender, but don't start for like.. two more weeks. :( So kinda hard for cash at the moment.. doing cheap donation commissions at, if you're interested. Gotta be logged in to view most of my art, too. >D

In January, travisvalkhar and myself are planning to get a two bedroom apartment in Savannah, Georgia. It'll be a good experience to get out to a new place, and I'm planning on going to college there. Still dunno what for though. x-x But yeah, I've just wanted to get out of Indiana.. and this is about my only option. Sides, he and I have known each other for quite awhile and I think we'd make sane roommates. >D Indiana and Illinois just.. ugh, I need a new environment. It's just really dull here, you know?

But anyway, not much else been going on.. waiting to start working. Been barhopping every now and then.. we've been going to a bar called the "Where Else? Bar" in Layefette.. lotsa fun. Music, dancing, booze.. good times. >D I'm not much of a drinker, but it's fun to go out.. been meeting new people and such. Trying to get some more people together to go. >D

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[04 Sep 2007|03:21pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Well, this was a pretty refreshing weekend.

Went out and chilled with crazsky over in Muncie, IN.. got there like, midnight Saturday. >D Had a pretty fun time. ;b Played a good amount of 360, got to play with his Wii and watched a few movies. It was nice to actually eat real food as well. >D He doesn't own a microwave, so.. yeah, it was nice to eat cooked stuff. ;b Plus Sunday and Monday we went out walking and I got to see the town and college area. But yeah, it was just nice and refreshing. >D I felt like I was actually alive.. lol. I guess it's just cause the area I'm in is just so.. empty and boring. God I need to move out. >D

Other then that I've been doing better. Some bad financial issues, yes. :( But otherwise I've been okay.

Funeral went okay. Afterwards I went out to dinner with the rest of the family.. had a pretty good time. It was just sad because I knew I wouldn't see them for a long time. :( Though my cousins told me I should visit them in Denver sometime. Maybe once I have money and a new car. >D

OH ONE THING THAT KINDA SUCKS. I was a little pissed but I'm already over it. lol. Someone scratched my car.. on the passenger side.. all the way from the taillight end, to almost the very front.. past the front wheel. x-X At first I thought I got keyed, but it looks like someone was just dumb and dragged their suitcase/car or something against the side of it. Ugh. Oh well.. I dunno how much longer I'm gonna have it anyway. And it's not -too- noticable until you get closer to the car. But anyway.. I need a new car. x-x Need something more reliable. We had to get two tires replaced and it cost us fucking $250.. x-x

Money -should- grow on trees. :( Lol.

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RIP. [27 Aug 2007|06:36am]
[ mood | depressed ]

Sadly I was right.. ;/ My aunt Louise died last night or this morning.. I'm kind of glad for her, simply because I know she was miserable. :( But, it's still really depressing of course.. meh. And now I know I'm not going to see the other half of my family for a long.. long time.


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[26 Aug 2007|06:16am]
[ mood | surprised ]

Just.. wow.


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[16 Aug 2007|05:38pm]

I don't know how, but somehow I'm ranked number 1 in the world on the King of the Hill leaderboards for Marathon (Xbox Live). I bought the game off Arcade, played like 6 games, went to play Vegas and some guy from the UK sent me a message telling me that I was. Lol

I just thought it was kinda funny. I give it til the end of the day til I'm knocked off though. >D
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[15 Aug 2007|07:58pm]
[ mood | okay ]

So, FA:U was a pretty good con for it's first time. I didn't have too great of a time, but that was more personal reasonings and whatnot. I'll make a post probably later tonight about FA:U.

Other then that, I'm.. okay. Not doing too great, partially because of all the recent events, but also we went and visited my aunt in the hospital. I don't think she's going to live past the week. ;/ So, that's pretty sad. I'm kinda glad in a sense, because I know she's been suffering.. so at least she can be at peace. Other bad thing is.. when she passes away, half the family isn't going to come around anymore for Christmas. :( So I don't think I'm gonna see one half of my family for a long.. long time. Meh. Things just pile and pile up. x-x Been job hunting since I got back, hopefully I'll find one soon.

One thing that did suck on my way over to FA:U. My flight left from Indiapolis at around 12-1.. got to Pittsburg a little late at 3:30 pm. My flight from Pittsburg to Newark was supposed to leave at 4:00pm. I look at one of the TVs and it says the flight was canceled. I figure, "No biggie. They'll have another flight.. might just have to wait a few hours." I talk to a traveling agent.. they tell me I have to wait til 7:30 am the next morning. I couldn't believe it.. but, they booked me on a flight to La Guardia that was around 5-6 pm.. said that it was only about 20 minutes away from Newark. I talked to a few friends and several people said they could probably pick me up. Well, turns up that flight gets canceled as well. They put me on another flight to La Guardua at 8:30. I sit around until 1 am as they keep delaying the flight.. finally it gets canceled around 1, 1:30 am. By now I'm not very happy at all.. lol. I ask if I can get compensation or anything, and they really gave me NOTHING. They gave me a discount for the hotels in the area, which I didn't have the money for.. though dad said he might be able to cover it. Turned out EVERY hotel in the area was full. x-x And by now, the 7:30 flight to Newark is full, and they said I'll have to wait til 4 PM. x-x So, I'm stuck in the airport. I tried to sleep on the floor, but had anxiety and whatnot so I had to stay up. At around 3 am, I managed to book a flight to Phillidelphia at 5:30 am, and murasadramon says he'll pick me up there. It was about a two hour drive from Newark, but better than waiting til 4 pm. x-x So, after I booked the flight I felt better. Being practically all alone in a mostly dark airport was actually.. kinda fun. I felt like Tom Hanks. >D Only thing that was open was McDonalds. And it was nice being able to choose from like.. 20 different bathrooms. >D Rofl. I picked up Halo: Ghosts of Onyx as well.. so half the time I just walked around, the other half I sat around McDonalds reading. So, it turned out to be not TOO bad. Only thing that sucked was I didn't get any sleep until 10 or so that night. :(

But yeah, so.. that was my little adventure at the airport. I tell you what, I've just had bad luck lately. Lol. Anyway, I'll make a journal post about the con a little later.

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FA:U. [08 Aug 2007|11:51pm]
See you all at FA:U. :) I'll be leaving around 11 am to noon. I'll be there around 5-6 pm.

Everyone have a safe trip, party responsibly and have fun. :)
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[01 Aug 2007|03:16am]
[ mood | okay ]

Well shit..

I went to the doctor today for the headaches I get all the time. I've lost almost 5 pounds in about two-four days. Haven't had an appetite at all. I've had to force myself to eat. Dunno why.. that's not usual for me. And like, everything I've ate I felt like throwing up. >( Grr.

Hung out with a few people from Gamestop today, like Nate and Sarah. Nate and I went over to some guys house, and the guy is ex CIA. He seemed cool, but he's kinda scary at the same time. He used to interrogate people. :( So he can tell if your like, bullshitting or telling the truth. lol. He kept asking me questions and I was all like.. nervous. >D

And bah, I'm still looking for a ride to FA:U. :( I was gonna take the Amtrak, but.. it's like, a 23 hour ride (wtf?).. and I wouldn't be there til like, late August 10th. Bah. I'd miss half the con. >(

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[31 Jul 2007|03:36am]
[ mood | okay ]

You know I just realized..

I don't think I actually have to court. It was brought to my intention that I guess I can just call the number I was given, pay the fines and then that's it.. and not have to go to court.

So I think I can leave for FA:U anytime. So yeah, if you have any offers I'd love to hear 'em.

ALSO, I don't think I'm coming back after FA:U.. so I might need to take a few extra things. Honestly, I don't have much.. small TV, monitor, computer tower and xbox 360.. a little bit of clothes, not too much. I'm not taking my 300ZX when I move. :( Oh well, I actually don't care too much.

So yeah, help a poor yeener out. :O *Fistshake.*

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[21 Jul 2007|12:28am]
I really, really need to get out of the house.. go on vacation or something. If anyone in the area wants to hang out.. go bowling or whatever.. give me an IM or something. I want to go on a road trip, or just.. go somewhere. I really need someone around me.. I really don't have many friends around here and ugh, it's been lonely. I really need to keep busy with something.. because honestly all I do is sit here and think. >/

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[14 Jun 2007|08:56pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

So, my birthday ended up.. pretty shitty, in a way. Yay for being 21 now, but things got pretty fucked up. ;/ Lyenuv got me some awesome things for my birthday, though. <3 She's one of the only reasons it didn't suck.

But the reason why it sucked is.. I lost my drivers license. I have NO idea where it is.. I've looked everywhere in the house, and in the car. So, after waiting like, 4-5 days to go to the DMV (it's like, never open), I get there and they say I can't get a drivers license. I need to get my SSN card because they screwed it up last time. Well, my last SSN card got washed and ruined. So okay, I headed to Danville to get my SSN card. I even had my birth certificate.. just in case. Well, for some stupid reason.. they told me to get my SSN card, I needed to get something signed from my doctor. The hell? They never did that before to me.. I think the person was just being a bitch. She was pretty shitty to me the entire time. Lol. So, okay.. the next day I go to the doctors office.. my doctor is there, thankfully. The nurse fills it out, and all the doctor needs to do.. IS SIGN IT. THAT'S IT. She tells me "the doctor is too busy right now".. the doctor didn't have any time.. to sign it. Bullshit. Today they said they'd have it for me.. THE DOCTOR WAS STILL TOO BUSY TO SIGN MY FUCKING PAPER. TOO BUSY.. TO SIGN SOMETHING. So apparently it's hard work signing something, so it's not going to be done til tomorrow.

I know something else is going to screw up. So I probably won't have my ID until sometime next week. ;/ I'm probably going to end up getting pulled over, and getting in trouble. Ugh..

Otherwise, besides from that.. things have been eh.. so so.

Lyenuv's boss at Gamestop got us into Doctor Who.. at least, the new series. We started with season one, and we're about done with two. We like it.. a lot. Though we're not crazy into it like everyone else seems to be. It's cheesy, but good.. something interesting to watch. :) Also saw two episodes of Torchwood, but we'll probably be waiting to watch the rest of that until we're done with season two.

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Birthday soooon. [01 Jun 2007|11:20pm]
So.. wow. I turn 21 on June 7th.. not long at all! I feel like I should be older, though. ;p lyenuv and I should be doing something.. but we're not sure yet. We were going to go up to Chicago, but I'm guessing we're just going to stick around our area.

Not much otherwise. Been improving art wise, still.. got commissions that I need to finish up. Also, I was promoted to an admin on FA. I didn't really mention it while I was on trial admin for a couple months.. but I guess I did a good enough job, I've become an admin. I can see how it will probably end up being stressful.. ;p But I want to help out. Plus, with my past CSR and admin/mod experience.. it shouldn't be too bad.

Still looking for a job. Er.. Wal Mart called me about an app I put in before I got my factory job. I REALLY don't want to work there.. especially after everything I've heard about it. But, I may have to take it.. I'm desperate for a job. ;/ I've put in applications EVERYWHERE.. ugh. I wish we could just move out. x-x

I think that's it for now.. just wanted to make a small, quick LJ post. ;p I'm still not dead!
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Sigh.. [18 May 2007|10:57pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Bad luck again..

So, I got laid off. ;/ Fucked over again. The reason? Well, pretty much.. my friend got fucked over. I was training to take over for my friend, as he was transferring to another department. He hurt his hand.. bruised it, luckily didn't break anything. He had a notice from a doctor that he couldn't work heavy duty.. but they fucking IGNORED it.. and still pointed him. So, he got so many points.. he wasn't allowed to transfer. And me? They didn't have use for me.. so they let me go. ;/

First they told me it was because I wasn't learning.. but that's bullshit. First off, they put me with this redneck guy who they even admitted didn't like teaching people.. and I mostly had to learn from watching. I learned a lot.. even my friend admitted that I learned some things in the first week he didn't learn until the second week. And he took six weeks to learn the ropes.. they gave me ONE fucking week.. and a day. So.. yeah. I'm pretty pissed.. and hurt. ;/

The job sucked ass.. though it was good pay. I worked from 4:30 am til 3 pm.. that REALLY sucked. Also, they really were unorganized. I was supposed to come in Monday and Tuesday for only a couple hours for orientation.. where they went over safety and etc etc. Well, I got there Monday.. and they decided to wait.. they put me in the fucking factory without going over ANY safety classes. They gave me a hardhat, gloves, glasses and earplugs.. and made me pay $80 for steel toe boots with meditarsal (thing I spelled it right) guards. I wasn't prepared at all.. I was wearing ankle socks.. so.. the boots really fucked up my calves. ;/ So yeah, that really pissed me off.

A LOT of people have gotten fingers and toes squished.. and a few people died. It was pretty dangerous there.. my job was okay, as long as I was careful.. but I was lifting 1000-2000lbs of steel castings with just a crane.. and if it slipped, it coulda killed me. They told us about some of the accidents.. one girl got her hair caught in a machine that spins the steel castings around.. it scalped her all the way down to her shoulder. Luckily, she didn't die.. but other people have been killed and seriously injured. What really pissed me off was how they spoke of how money was more important than people. They were pissed because of one guy they had there for 3 days.. he smashed his foot, and they paid $9,000 to repair his foot.. and they were pissed he quit afterwards. Who the fuck would stay after smashing their toes off? I know I wouldn't..

But anyway.. sigh. Fucked over again. I might get a job where Trevor works.. but it's definitately not as good as pay.. and I really need at least 10 an hour to get out of the hole I'm in right now. ;/

I got a few commissions though.. so that'll be a little money. Here's hoping to all goes well..

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