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The Infamous Kyoujin. -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
きょうじん Kyoujin

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I came out of the closet. [21 Feb 2010|03:44am]
This is what happens when I'm bored. I find tiny places and hide in them. ;D


Went to a big party/furmeet in Bellevue, WA. Haven't been to a meet or con since like, FA:U1 in 2007. lol, was fun.. though I didn't know many people. I knew the person taking the video (didn't know he was recording lmao), as well as Velen (the one closing the door) and my roommate who's out of the picture. I found a small little closet that's like.. shouldn't even be a closet.. more like a cupboard. I had to crouch down and hug the corner to get the door to shut. ;[ But I still proved my amazing skills (my elite 5'3" height).
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