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The Infamous Kyoujin. -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
きょうじん Kyoujin

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[08 Oct 2009|05:50am]
[ mood | tired ]

Whoa, I'm really starting to get muscles back after this job.. that's for sure, lol. Already lost weight a bit, and my arms and whatnot are already visibly showing change. xD But, considering I work 40 hours a week and pretty much do nothing but physical labor.. not too surprising. So I get paid to work out.. haha.

Though it is exhausting, that's for sure.. and I've seen quite a few stupid people, though a lot of nice ones, too. Even got a few tips here and there, lol.. though it's always the people you don't expect who give you tips, haha. Can't say it's fun when I have to load 25 80lbs bags of cement into a truck.. but definitely keeps me active. I just have been so tired lately.. worked 6 days straight until yesterday, today and Fri are my day off finally. Need to catch up on sleep, honestly..

Oh, and I got pickpocketed the other day apparently.. that was fun, lol. It was weird, ugh. I didn't even notice until hours later that I was missing 10-20 dollars. Basically, I was at McDonalds and talking with the cashier with no one else around, and after fifteen seconds or so I start pulling out my cash.. which was kind of in a wad, which was a mistake to make. I feel someone kind of press into me, then suddenly shove me with their shoulder. First it felt like I was just bumped into, but when he shoved it was obviously on purpose.. almost made me stumble over. I thought it was a friend screwing with me at first, though I look over and it's an older, scrawny guy who's pulling out money and starting to order without even looking at me and apologizing. Was pretty shitty.. even the cashier didn't seem very happy and seemed pretty confused. Ugh.. then later I realized I was missing the money.

I went the other day to tell them about it and told them they would need to check their CCTV, and they tell me they can't and that the person that does it is on vacation for like.. two weeks.. wtf? lol. Oh well.. x-x Whatever.

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