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[17 Mar 2010|09:32pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Finally got put on a team for the game testing job, at least for the next two days, haha. Wish me luck.. x-x Start early in the morning, so I hope it's nothing too boring.. don't wanna pass out. xb

Also finished a new song.. wanted to do something Doctor Who because I love the show. <3 So, I remixed a song from the episode "Doomsday." ;]

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Game-tester time! [25 Feb 2010|05:45am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Welp, I finally got a job in the gaming industry for Microsoft. Entry level tester. Woo. Sadly, it's not much, and my time working is gonna really vary. However, with just a little time in this position I'll qualify for better testing opportunities, plus I've already got some testing experience (just not with this company).. so that's good. ;B

I have to say though.. holy shit I've never seen that much paperwork before. It took me an hour or so just to sign and date like every piece of paper they had. x-x I felt like I was gonna fall asleep.

But Mango got me pizza afterwords so it was worth it. ;D

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I came out of the closet. [21 Feb 2010|03:44am]
This is what happens when I'm bored. I find tiny places and hide in them. ;D¤t=DSCF0618.flv

Went to a big party/furmeet in Bellevue, WA. Haven't been to a meet or con since like, FA:U1 in 2007. lol, was fun.. though I didn't know many people. I knew the person taking the video (didn't know he was recording lmao), as well as Velen (the one closing the door) and my roommate who's out of the picture. I found a small little closet that's like.. shouldn't even be a closet.. more like a cupboard. I had to crouch down and hug the corner to get the door to shut. ;[ But I still proved my amazing skills (my elite 5'3" height).
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Years go by fast. [17 Feb 2010|03:22am]
[ mood | okay ]

This is just a thoughtful journal post, reminiscing and so forth. I haven't really posted many actual journals here in awhile. I can't believe that I made this LJ when I was like.. god, I think I was 16? lol. And I turn 24 in June, jeez.

It's amazing how fast the past five years have gone by, honestly. Some things seem like it was only yesterday, and hell.. I even sometimes wake up feeling like I'm back in my bed in North Carolina. In the past five years I've had some amazing experiences, and I've had some of the worst, life-changing experiences that I never encountered before. I made a lot of stupid mistakes that I wish I could correct, but I also wish I could improve on the good things that I've done. I've grown up a lot and I've become more mature. I've changed in a lot of ways, the way I act and hell.. even the way I dress (though I need to stop being such an expensive dresser.. >> Damn you, Express). I've lost good, old friends that I miss talking to. I've strengthened some of my existing friendships and also made new ones. I've been lied to, and I've lied to others. I went through a year and a half/two years of being addicted to opiates in order to block out pain from my migraines and other experiences. I lost my Z, which is still sitting on the farm in Indiana, not running. I've gained new experiences and knowledge through different jobs. I've improved on my art and musical skills, but I wish I had practiced and done a LOT more. I was saved by good friends, in turn also finally got me out on my own.. I just never would have thought I'd be living all the way on the west coast in Seattle. It's also amazing that in the past several years, I've only even touched alcohol once or twice.

Life has changed so much. I could go on and on, but I know I'm already rambling (and anyone who is actually reading this is probably confused as hell over my jumbled words). Overall, I've had good and bad experiences.. just like everyone else. I learned a lot from it, and in turn.. I think it made me a better, stronger person. I'm still not close to perfect, and of course I never will be perfect. But I'm still learning new things every day. There's things that I wish I could fix, or at least tie up loose ends. I'm sure some of them will improve though, like my parents who're going through problems of their own that I wish I could help with. But some things are out of my hands, and all I can do is keep on going.

What's going to happen for me over the next five years? Or one year? Or even tomorrow? I'm not sure.. but that makes it all the more exciting, doesn't it? I've got chances to go into the gaming industry, I've got chances to finally make it to college sometime this year. And no matter what happens, no matter what I have to go through, things are going to turn out great. And nothing, nor anyone is going to make that impossible for me.

Finally, I want to thank you all. Whether you've been around for me, or you couldn't be there.. it doesn't matter. Even if you've just read what I've had to say and/or stuck with me, thank you. Without you, without friends, I wouldn't have made it to where I am today.

<3 to you all. And here's to tomorrow. ;]

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[16 Feb 2010|10:15pm]
Another new song, took me about 5-6 days or so to finish it.. completely orchestrated. x-x A re-arrangement/mix of Kefka's theme and Dancing Mad from FF6.

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[10 Feb 2010|06:13pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I HATE NEEDLES UGH. ;[ Annnyway..

New music. Check it out pleeassse, and rating 5 stars/subscribing will also make me give you many <3s. Techno-ish remix of the song Unfounded Revenge/Misplaced Revenge from Mother 3/Earthbound 2.

Nothing else new.. supposed to be getting my job back soon, so hopefully I'll have it back around the 18th of this month or sometime soon afterwords.

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New song! [10 Oct 2009|01:22am]

Hey, please check out my new song that I uploaded to YouTube! Please rate/subscribe/fav/comment/whatever! ;D I'd be very happy!

I remade "Otherworldly Foe" from the awesomely-amazing SNES game Earthbound/Mother 2. ;o So, this is my own version of it.. hope you all like it!
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[08 Oct 2009|05:50am]
[ mood | tired ]

Whoa, I'm really starting to get muscles back after this job.. that's for sure, lol. Already lost weight a bit, and my arms and whatnot are already visibly showing change. xD But, considering I work 40 hours a week and pretty much do nothing but physical labor.. not too surprising. So I get paid to work out.. haha.

Though it is exhausting, that's for sure.. and I've seen quite a few stupid people, though a lot of nice ones, too. Even got a few tips here and there, lol.. though it's always the people you don't expect who give you tips, haha. Can't say it's fun when I have to load 25 80lbs bags of cement into a truck.. but definitely keeps me active. I just have been so tired lately.. worked 6 days straight until yesterday, today and Fri are my day off finally. Need to catch up on sleep, honestly..

Oh, and I got pickpocketed the other day apparently.. that was fun, lol. It was weird, ugh. I didn't even notice until hours later that I was missing 10-20 dollars. Basically, I was at McDonalds and talking with the cashier with no one else around, and after fifteen seconds or so I start pulling out my cash.. which was kind of in a wad, which was a mistake to make. I feel someone kind of press into me, then suddenly shove me with their shoulder. First it felt like I was just bumped into, but when he shoved it was obviously on purpose.. almost made me stumble over. I thought it was a friend screwing with me at first, though I look over and it's an older, scrawny guy who's pulling out money and starting to order without even looking at me and apologizing. Was pretty shitty.. even the cashier didn't seem very happy and seemed pretty confused. Ugh.. then later I realized I was missing the money.

I went the other day to tell them about it and told them they would need to check their CCTV, and they tell me they can't and that the person that does it is on vacation for like.. two weeks.. wtf? lol. Oh well.. x-x Whatever.

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[02 Sep 2009|03:56pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Well, I finished this remix of the FF8 song "Succession of Witches" just the other day, uploaded to YouTube and FA. If you've got a YouTube account, please rate/comment/subscribe or whatever! ;D Really would like feedback.. I just got Fruity Loops back recently and I'm still getting used to the new features, ugh.. x-x

Anyway.. so yeah, things have been decent here in Seattle. Ups and downs. Though, I did land a job.. only getting paid minimum wage ($8.55, which I think is pretty good for this job haha), but I'm supposed to be getting 40 hours a week. And I'm just finally getting signed onto the lease, so that's good to get out of the way.

Nothing new otherwise, really.. still don't have my scanner. ;[ Hopefully going to get my TV and scanner shipped here soon, once I get my first paycheck. I start the job tomorrow, actually.. woo.

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Seattle/Redmond, WA. [16 Jun 2009|03:34am]
[ mood | energetic ]

I'm pretty much all moved in now over here in Seattle/Redmond, WA. First time I've been so far away from family, but I've got friends here and so far it's been new and interesting. xD Not bad weather yet, either. I'm sad I haven't gotten to see the Space Needle yet, though. ;[ Rofl. So yeah, I moved in with my friends Muki and Mango, they were awesome enough to offer their spare bedroom to my little self.

I don't have all my crap still, though I've got most of my clothes and laptop, thankfully. Hoping that I'll get more of my shit next week. xD

Aannnd I might be attending Rainfurrest since it's so darn close.. xD We'll just see, I don't wanna make plans just yet.



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Seattleee. [30 May 2009|08:47pm]
Busy busy busy.. Well, my mom had to sell her house, decided she wanted to move back to IN/IL anyway and.. yeah. I ended up having to find out where I was gonna live, as I was going to end up being homeless, but thankfully my friends Muki and Mango offered their spare room, so I'm moving over to Seattle, WA (moreso Redmond) on June 9th, just two days after my birthday.

And just in case anyone is interested back "home" in Indiana, I'm leaving NC on June 2nd and will be in Indiana/Illinois on June 3rd, will be staying with Trevor until I leave for Seattle. Got things to do, gonna be trying to hang out with a lot of friends too while I'm there, hopefully will be able to get to see everyone before I head out again. I'll make another update in a day or two.

Ugh, wish me luck.. this is already pretty stressful. Though I should be able to land a job at Microsoft hopefully after I get there.. we'll just see.
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commiSSIOONZznsss [15 Feb 2009|01:29am]
[ mood | blah ]

ugh okay.

I'm thinking of doing emergency donation commissions on FA. ;[ But I'm stuck. I don't have PayPal (and I wouldn't be able to do that because if I put money in my mom's account they'd just snatch it). I asked Arc if he has one but he doesn't, so I'm kinda stumped.. If I do these commissions, is the only real way I can get cash sent to me is by mail? ;[ Ughughugh.

and ew valentines. ;[ I just wish I had someone to spend it with.

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Woof. [30 Oct 2008|08:36pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

So yeah, not toooo much new with me. Looks like I've got two new jobs lined up, though. Should be working for Suddenlink, that apparently pays well.. and my bud Abdul wants to hire me part time to help him out in his tobacco shop. But that'll probably be like one or two days a week, with me having a full time job at Suddenlink. He's pretty cool, though he needs to work on his English a bit. xD lolol.

I've been trying to get more motivated lately, just haven't been doing a whole lot otherwise. Ugh, wish more people I knew lived nearby. -- Could use some company, but ah well. Arc wants me to go to a Halloween party or something at the ghey club.. I'll probably go, but I don't think I'll dress up. I'm boring like that. ;[ And this one guy started contacting me again who lives around here, though he's good looking, he gets kinda annoying because he like.. doesn't take no for an answer, or at least he's pretty pushy. He keeps trying to get in my pants, oye. lol. -- And I need to get back into drawing, I haven't been able to do shit lately.

Been a crazy month, too. Fable 2 came out, and then Fallout 3.. both really good games. x-x Ugh, too much is coming out this time of year.

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Arrguhhhh. [10 Oct 2008|08:48pm]
Remind me to not go out next time Governor Palin is in town. --

My mom got me a ticket to come with her, I think because she knows I want to vote for Obama. I had her take one of her friends instead to Palin's speech here in Greenville. So, I went out when it was getting dark, just right over to Wal Mart five minutes away, and when I came out.. every road was blocked by police. --; I waited for like thirty minutes, and they weren't letting anyone across.. so I tried to go around, and I ended up getting lost at ECU campus. Took me an hour and thirty minutes just to get home, ugh. xD I didn't know ECU was so damn big, holy shit. Makes me kinda glad that I'm going to Pitt, at least first (probably going to get the basics out of the way at Pitt, then transfer over to ECU).

I've been bored, arg. Got the new Silent Hill. <3 Though I beat it in like a day, lol. ;[ And I can't wait for Halo 3: Recon. Woooo.
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Colleggeee. [27 Sep 2008|03:58am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

So yeaaaah. Looks like, most likely, I'm going to be going to college next semester.. hopefully, at least. ;B Though, my biggest issues are.. I still have no idea what I want to go for. Sure, I can get the basics out of the way for now, but I'm not sure what I want to do eventually. x-x I've thought about it for awhile, considered psychology and such, but I'm really not sure. Kind of want to go the business route, especially if I can start my own business in the future (once I inherit the farm, I'll be getting a LOT of money for that, and that's no joke x-x). But I'm just not sure.

Plus, there's two colleges.. and I dunno which one I should go with. Everyone is telling me go to Pitt, the community college.. because it's cheaper and good, but I dunno. I know back at home in Indiana, everyone made fun of our community college.. and it was a pretty bad college. So some people are telling me to go to ECU. I have no idea though, I guess I'll just see. x-X Ugggh, hard choices.

But yeah, I definitely like it here a lot better. I'm right in town, so it's nice.. though I miss my friends back at home, and I miss having y'know.. a woods and stuff, being able to go ATV-ing and so forth, haha. But it's still all good. And I saw a Ferrari F430 Spyder here, too. ;B I was scared shitless I was going to run into it, rofl.

Ugggh, I need to get back into the drawing groove, too. I haven't really felt like doing it at all lately. ;[[

I really miss my Z, too.. >> Sniffsniff.

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Livin at NC now. [14 Aug 2008|03:17am]
So yep, meant to get to this sooner.. >> But I live in Greenville, NC now.. got broadband here, too. so that's awesome. LJ was way too slow on dial up, haha.

Things are definitely a lot better down here, that's for sure. The only thing that sucks is that I shipped my PC, and when I got it the other day.. the motherboard and graphics card were broken. Luckily, we insured it for $600, so they should give us that and I can get some new parts. Still makes me mad though, haha.

Apparently there's quite a few furries in NC, and even in Greenville. I only know Arc, and we hang out quite a bit.. dunno about the other people.

Here's some new pics of me (and Arc).. ;x You can see how much I've changed, haha.. I EVEN WEAR SMALL SHIRTS NOW.. I think I weigh like 148 or so now? o.O I've lost a lot of weight, hahaha.


I'm on the right, obviously.. with the black shirt. Haha. ;x



Sorry for the size, Arc's camera takes small pics, haha. ;x

Should have my PC running soon, then I can get back to art and such. Been drawing a bit, but I've got no Photoshop.. and I don't think the scanners we have would work very well on the laptop I'm using, haha.
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Wisdom teeth and moving to NC on 7/21. [21 Jul 2008|11:09pm]
I finally got my wisdom teeth out today, all four. All I have to say is. Ow.

It's actually not too bad, honestly. My top ones were the ones I was worried about, the ones I thought might be the cause of the severe migraines I suffer from, but they were removed without much problems. The bottom ones were toughter to get out, too.. and boy, the bottom right one is KILLING me.. the other ones aren't too bad, besides the bottom left, but this one sucks. It keeps bleeding randomly (dunno if the stitches came undone or what), but it seems to have stopped finally. Luckily I have hydrocodone.. so it's really helping with the pain. x-x I was surprised though, they showed me an xray of my bottom teeth and the right one was just.. wow. I've never even noticed my bottom ones, couldn't even feel them. My bottom right one was completely on it's side, and I don't know HOW it wasn't poking out one side or the other. But eh, I hope to god this solves my migraines. This also undisqualifies me from the Marine Corps (or whatever branch I decide to go into, I'm really wanting Air Force since that's what I always wanted to do.. and they pay better, but the Marines completely pay for college.. gaaaaah). lol also, apparently I struggled a bit in my sleep after they knocked me out, I woke up and was like.. missing a shoe.. they said I was really squirmish, haha.

On another good note, I have my plane ticket for Greenville/Winterville, North Carolina. I'll be staying for my mom for awhile (but she's got a huge apartment, two stories.. so I get the whole top to myself, haha). After that, it's either military or move out. I know she just needs a lot of help right now, so I'm gonna do my best to get that done.

Tons of good things and bad things from this, of course..


- New scenary. I know lots of furries that are closer to that general area, too. No one comes and visits me out in Indiana! Haha.

- Finally, I'll have broadband! No more being able to only play Xbox Live once a month!

- I'll be right in town. I could probably walk to a job if I get one at like, the Movie Theaters, Blockbuster or something..


Cons? ;[

- No more Nissan 300ZX for this yena. ;[ It's staying behind. However, apparently.. we took it to someone else, and got a pulley replaced.. which, from what I've been told, is likely the cause of why the belt kept messing up, etc etc.. it's something those stupid mechanics my dad always took it to overlooked. They just said it was a "squeaky belt, and there's no way to fix it".. lol. So yeah, my dad is most likely selling the car. I think he wants $2,500 for it.. which is a little much IF that part doesn't fix the belt. However, either way, I'd personally only recommend it if someone wants a project car. Someone else is already interested in the car for a project car, orignally wanted to trade a Saab for it.. so we'll see. If you're interested or just want more info, comment or email me at '". And hopefully, I will be planning on buying a new 300ZX.. ;] Just will have to save up the cash. A twin turbo should be a loooot easier to find down in that area.

- Possibly less free time. Not really a huge complaint, I'm just gonna have to work my ass off for awhile. My mom isn't doing much better financially than my dad (but at least she can afford food), I'll just have to really devote time to earning moo-lah and helping my mom out. But I'm just glad I can actually GET a job in NC, plus get to work.. while here in Indiana, everything is like 30 miles away, lol.

- If this ends up being FUBAR, there's no turning back. I'm not going to be able to come back to my dads, and I dunno where else I'd move. So naturally, yeah.. I'm a bit nervious.

- I'm also scared about getting my computer tower there.. gonna try to ship it. ;[ I'd be screwed if it got stolen, I'd loose way too much. I was figuring I'd take the harddrive with me so I'll at least have the data if it gets stolen, but I'll see.

So I guess we'll just see what happens. I figure it's going to go good, but naturally I'm a bit worried. But hey, this will all be perfect if it turns out how it's supposed to.. If the teeth were really the cause of my migraines, and this move ends up being a great idea (well, don't really have a choice in a sense), then this should really clear up a lot of the crud I've had to go through. There's been a lot of baaad crap going on, mostly financially.. which is one reason my mom is getting me down there right now. But.. I might make a post about that later, we'll see.

Here's hoping taking this risk ends up being worth it. I'm sure it will, I'm still just a bit worried..
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[07 Jun 2008|11:44pm]
Well, today I turned 22. And apparently my body thought it'd be funny to make me have NO energy whatsoever today.. xD I certainly felt like I got a few years older, ugh. Didn't do anything sadly, but ah well.

And yeah, sorry I don't come here often. x-x Busy with FA and other stuff, woo..
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[21 Mar 2008|11:42pm]
Well, probably gonna move down to NC in less than three weeks. I don't think I can stay here much longer, not just because of funds.. but also cause the area is just driving me crazy. That, and my only real friend around here shipped off to CA for the Marine Corps, so this area really REALLY sucks now. >( And the financial stuff isn't any better at the moment. I'll probably just stay in NC for a month ro two and get back up on my feet, then go elsewhere.. I don't think I can stay there long anyway, either.

Going to put the military on hold for a bit, mostly because I don't even qualify until I get my wisdom teeth out.. and that's going to at least take a month. I was doing Marine PT and such, learning how to march/talk with a drill instructor.. etc etc.. jogging five to seven miles with no real "breathers".. the breathers were doing situps and stuff. xD It was hard, but eh.. I also just need to get fit again. The rest of it was fun.. I don't mind getting yelled at and stuff, just the only thing that really sucked was if one person screwed up, everyone had to pay for it.

I finally did upgrade my computer, as much as I didn't want to.. especially with funds being so damn bad at the moment. x-x But, my computer screwed up on me the other day and I had to get a new stick of RAM and a graphics card, and they only had like one AGP graphics card.. so I had to get that one. ;[ But it's pretty nice.. I can run STALKER on Maximum settings, I just need a faster processor. But, I'll do that in a few months once I get a new job and better income.. I can't afford to do much anymore. I can't even rent movies/games anymore.. ugh. Just enough to use for gas, food and etc.. And even better, car has broken down twice in the past week and a half, all related to the same thing.. and since my dad is an idiot, he took it to the same people. This will be the sixteenth time they work on something related to the same problem.. and they never fix it. Yet, my dad thinks I'm wrong when I tell him they don't know what they're doing. That's another reason I want to move.. my dad drives me insane. --;
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[13 Feb 2008|12:54am]
[ mood | blank ]

Man, this is one of those times I really, really need my friends. ;[ No joke.

May be homeless soon.. x-x I'm not really sure where to go. We can't even get groceries at the moment, and the car keeps breaking down at the best of times. Car wouldn't have this problem, but for some reason my dad wants to keep taking it to the same place.. even though they've replaced the same belts fourteen times.. not exaggerating. They said it's because "it's a Nissan".. lol. I've never heard of anyone having this problem before. This guys are just retarded.. obviously something is out of alignment if the same belt continues to fall off.. Idiots.

But I'm not sure I have anywhere to go at the moment. My mom wants me down in NC, but I don't know how I'd get down there. Not to mention, I know she wants me there.. but I know she can't handle me being there, whether I get a job right away or not. Even better, I can't join the Marines for the time being. I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled.. and it's going to cost us $1,500. Ugh. I need to get out of this place because finding a job is hopeless.. no one can even get a job at freaking Wal Mart. How sad is that? I really am not sure where to go at the moment, would have been moved out by now or soon if I hadn't been screwed over. But ugh.. I can't describe how horrible things have been. And especially with this medical crap, I can't just tell you how bad it's been. I mean, I don't even have enough food until tomorrow.. might be able to get ramen, but I doubt it since the car is acting up again. x-x Ugh, I hate money.. Haha. Also, I'm probably going to only be around for three to four more days.. will probably be in the hospital for a bit (finally).. not saying that's a good thing. It's a long story, and I don't really wanna explain it all.. it's just not going to be easy. x-x

Anyway.. I'm just keeping people updated just in case I do disappear for a while.. I at least wanted to leave a note up to say why I disappear, if it does happen. I really, really really really hope it doesn't.

I need a huuuug plz. ;[

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